Astrocenter Report – Part 9

Instinctive Motivations: Restraint, control, discipline, excellence. Assimilation; sense of association and cooperation. Primary Psychological Functions: Perceiving, identifying, establishing, justifying. Communicating, discussing, uniting, reconciling. Career Activities and Resources: Controlling, counting, filing, analyzing, measuring, refining, grasping, checking, regulating, fabricating, providing care. Balancing, reconciling, respecting, harmonizing, refining, embellishing. Symbolic Tools and Elements: Health, animals, small objects, manufactured goods….

[break] Back into Action

Sorry for the long hibernation. As you may know from my website, I moved to St. Louis, MO, almost two months ago. I didn’t bring my computer with me hence I couldn’t update the blog until now. I got my computer about two weeks ago after visiting Bloomington, IN. Soon, I will finish the Astrocenter…