Astrocenter Report – Part 6

Ambitions and Motivations:

YOGA cannot conceive of a career which does not involve diversity and motion. He is full of humor and wit, gifted for communication and trade. His insatiable curiosity may induce him to pursue several goals simultaneously. He has an appetite for learning new things every day, and would be uncomfortable in a static or monotonous occupation. His ability to adapt and his learning skills would certainly be his best personal resources for career development. However, his carelessness and nonchalance may play a few tricks on him.

[One essential thing from this post is the diversity in my occupation. I think it could either be content or duty or both. I like variety in my job, which is probably already mentioned before. It doesn’t matter whether it is the task I do or the scope of a given task. Although ideally be both, as long as either one has variety in it, I’m in.

The paragraph also touches a bit about my flexibility by mentioning my ability to adapt and my learning skills, as well as my sense of curiosity. Merkler’s personal assessment gives a reasonable explanation about this trait, but I won’t dig into Merkler just yet.]

~ to be continued ~

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