Astrocenter Report – Part 8

Career Keywords:
Endowed with an analytical mind, a sense of logic, and great powers of concentration, YOGA has the ability to learn a specialty and assimilate all sorts of techniques easily. He is also an extremely conscientious and hard worker, with a sense of integrity and a fondness for a job well done. His inferiority complex and a certain reluctance to communicate, as well as an occasional lack of determination and a tendency to obey orders unquestioningly could nevertheless be obstacles to his success.

The desire for power and greatness is a strong motivation for YOGA. He is fairly self-confident and may sometimes tend to be domineering. The need for recognition and admiration is one of YOGA's primary motivations. He is gratified by honors and respect, and aims for personal prestige.

[The first paragraph is quite boastful, but I would have to say that there’s a lot of truth there. My Friendster testimonials can attend to that. However, it contradicts the second paragraph at the same time.

So, in bits and pieces: the introvert characteristic of the first paragraph is mostly true, as well as the inherent quest for personal satisfaction in the second paragraph. Money is not my primary motivation, though it’s more like a sense of belonging or affiliation rather than a need for recognition and admiration.]

~ to be continued ~

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