Astrocenter Report – Part 7

The words that are his keys to success:

Honesty - Care - Modesty - To serve - To toil - To count.

YOGA feels capable of achieving his goals alone, because he is the only vehicle for them.

YOGA's perfectionism and scrupulousness sometimes hobble him with short-sightedness and inhibition in his search for a way to fit into society. His striving for discipline and order may cramp his expansion and keep him from obtaining mastery over a material world in which he is too closely engaged. He is so meticulous about the details of his job that he sometimes fails to see the whole picture. It is hard for him to stand back and assess all his resources and possibilities, so he is sometimes forced to toil away at correcting the little mistakes he encounters on a day-to-day basis. Nevertheless, his manual and intellectual talents and his logical and analytical mind are the key to a number of career possibilities: teaching technical or hard science, medicine, etc.

For YOGA, the work world must arouse his sustained interest. He has a need to commit himself to it personally, and everything he accomplishes has to bear the seal of his personality. His ideals are fairly high, and he is liable to experience some frustration when they are not completely fulfilled. He has certain artistic leanings, and although he may not commit himself to an artistic career, the work he does produce will certainly display his sense of harmony, composition, and good taste.

[Some parts of my ideal career are correctly described here. It has to be stimulating enough for me so I can commit myself fully to it.

I admit that I often set high expectations and sometimes get frustrated by not achieving them, though this doesn’t usually happen since I’m also realistic about my ability. The liabilities that I may experience from being meticulous and orderly is well noted, though I haven’t personally seen them affecting me in significant ways.

The artsy part. Yes, this is true. My teammates in college can attest to this trait since I was often the designated designer for papers, presentations, and advertisement samples. It probably won’t win any awards from the art school, but it was enough to give our materials a professional look they need.]

~ to be continued ~

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