Early this year, Blogger has launched Pages functionality into its blogging customization. With a revamped indrayudha blogspot, I’ve added Pages to my sidebar navigation.

I intend to use Pages as a complimentary space to further classify my postings into specific topics. Since my blog spans multiple categories, which can take me to write a topic into multiple postings across periods in no particular order, it should help to put them into a specific Page. The Page in question then acts as an anchor, a static index pointing out the topic’s postings that have already been scattered in the blog.

Categories and Labels help classify blog postings, but there will be instances where the topic is specific enough to warrant its own Page. On my first Page, I have posted My Investment Portfolio Allocation, where I put my postings on the securities I use to build my retirement portfolio under my framework of five themes of asset allocation, which I had thought of a year ago.

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