New Template: Watermark

The first time I wrote a post in 2004, I used Blogger’s Snapshot Tequila template with a green-colored theme. Three years later, I overhauled my blog. I was employing Blogger’s No. 565 template at the time. Today, three years after, I makeover my blog yet again.

I have asked the question since 2007 on when Blogger would update its template portfolios as they became stale very quickly. Lo and behold, they gave the answer a couple of weeks ago. And such an opportune time, as I had been contemplating the redundancy of keeping two blogs. Well, Blogger has bought itself a new lease on life. I’m keeping my homepage for sure, now powered by WordPress CMS. But, I’m also keeping my Blogger still.

I use a new template, Josh Peterson‘s Watermark, on a theme color traditional to all incarnations of this blog, green. Starting today, until perhaps, 2013?

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