Washington DC – Day 2 (May 25, 2005): CAIR

Crap. I just found out last night that my internship didn’t go through. CAIR just e-mailed me that I wasn’t selected for the summer internship. Well, now what? Now, the plan could either be saved or let it fell through. I’ve traveled this far (three hours flight but still), so I won’t let it fall through. Today I set plans in motion, which over the next six weeks or so, would bring me through numerous job applications, several interviews, and a hell of a ride in between.

Still, the question begets, why Washington? After all, I could just stay in St. Louis and continue my job search there or at least until I got some job offer before deciding to move out. Well, it didn’t work. Externally, people would be unlikely to hire someone far away, especially if it’s just for entry-level positions. Internally, my motivation to keep this thing going was slowly dying out. There was nothing for me in St. Louis job-wise, so I better get back on track, or it is time for me to go home.

I know, it still doesn’t answer the question, why Washington? Well, Washington was on top of my list for a potential relocation city. Even before I graduated, it had been among the top three. The non-profit is one of the industry sectors I want to get involved in, and Washington is like the mecca of non-profits. I also flirted with the idea of working for public administration, so Washington is the logical choice.

I have visited Washington twice before, once in Summer 1994 and most recently on Summer 2002 (a road trip worthy of its posting series). I like the city of Washington, DC. It’s accessible and beautiful, has an excellent public transport system, and is moderately paced. It is not bustling like NYC and not too laid-back like most cities I’ve been in. Boston and Chicago would probably be the only other cities that rival Washington in that respect. I haven’t been to Seattle, so I don’t know about it.

Well, I hope that answers the question, more about my adventure coming up.

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