Washington DC – Day 4 (May 27, 2005)

This afternoon, I scheduled for an interview with Pat Taylor, a temp agency specializing in the legal sector. I was referred to Pat Taylor by Salman, who had worked for them since he came to DC in February. Later in June, he got hired to a permanent position by the client company.

The interview went well, and there was no test, unlike the other temp agencies. The interviewer seemed pleased, and she said she would try to find a suitable position for me. Eventually, I got no assignment from them. I guess I am a bit too “technical” for their openings, or because I didn’t follow through aggressively, or because they didn’t have anything suitable for me. At least, I know from our correspondence that they tried, but it just didn’t work out for some reason.

Later that afternoon, though, I met up with Fari to pray together at the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI). I had forgotten how big the Embassy was. The Embassy building stands in stark contrast with the surrounding embassies. Not only is it large, but it has an artistic Europen style, though the new extension is of modern design. The Minister of Forestry happened to be in DC, and he delivered the sermon that afternoon. I guess he was part of the President’s entourage during the President’s visit to the States that week.

Fari and I then had lunch in Malaysia Kopitiam, a Malaysian restaurant in downtown DC. Our server was, in fact, an Indonesian, go figure. The food was delicious and filling, and it was a bargain given the price. I got myself Nasi Lemak, and if only they weren’t out of Cendol, it would’ve been perfect.

We continued exploring DC, and our destination was the National Air and Space Museum. I remembered visiting this place in ’94, and I don’t think it has changed a lot. Though, I have to admit that it seemed like endless fun back then.

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