Washington DC – Day 90: Star Wars Episode III

It seemed like a movie-out weekend or something. We ended up watching another movie last night. This time, it was the movie that we had planned to watch two weeks earlier, if only Salman didn’t get into a car accident (don’t worry, it wasn’t his fault, read my Day 76 posting for more details). Yes, the movie was Star Wars: Episode III. Finally, after it had gone from most theaters, we watched it at Arlington Cinema ‘N Drafthouse. It is a bar/drafthouse that shows “older” movies that are phased out from mainstream theaters. The place is unique. Personally, I haven’t watched movies in a restaurant-like setting where servers come and go while people munch their buffalo wings. But I digress.

The movie is, by far, the best of the new trilogy (Episode 1-3). George Lucas finally got his act together. While the new trilogy won’t beat the old trilogy (Episode 4-6) in its masterpieceness, episode 3 ties all loose ends and provides good continuity with Episode 4. Maybe that’s why it is better than the other two because there are many more elements from the old trilogy in episode 3. It’s a pretty different type of movie, I’d say We knew what the end would be, but we didn’t know how it got there. We knew that Anakin would become Darth Vader. We just didn’t know how. Well, the movie answers that and then some.

The graphics are superb as usual. It’s rather given since it bears the Star Wars franchise. The storyline, though much improved, still lacks the originality and depth of the old trilogy, in my opinion. Overall, I probably gonna give it a maximum of 4 stars out of 5.

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