Astrocenter Report – Part 2

YOGA is eager to help, to be useful, to serve a great cause, but he sometimes does not know whom or what he seeks to serve. Whatever purpose he adopts, YOGA must learn to help without surrendering himself entirely; he tends to try to disappear into the background of a hierarchy. He is sometimes attracted by readymade systems, which soothe a certain anxiety he has. He wouldn't mind devoting himself to a state, a big corporation, or a dogma: it would be reasonable and satisfying. But he sometimes forgets to rebel a bit - to evaluate whether the end justifies the means. YOGA is reassured by predictability. When he commits himself, he wants to know exactly where he is bound and how. This may be a bit of an obstacle to his love life. He tends to keep a tight rein on his urges, to inhibit his emotions. He would not want them to upset his carefully organized existence, after all! But he should learn not to perceive spontaneity as such a threat. Powerful passions and sentiments may overwhelm YOGA, since he tends to prefer reason, moderation, and reality. But his tendency to be so cautious, so analytical and intellectual carries its own risk: that he will never dare to live life to the fullest.

[Another hit on the philosophical question. I began to wonder if Astrocenter has a template for all zodiacs with fundamental philosophical questions. Anyway, there’re more misses this time. I am attracted to some systems, but neither do I tend to disappear into them nor get comfortable with them. I have high aspirations within a system, and I pose challenging questions to myself or the system regardless of my comfort level. I like a variety in my life, so I’m not necessarily reassured with predictability. However, I tend to inhibit my emotion (just like the Vulcan race in Star Trek, as suggested by my friend), so I tend to appear somewhat calm and controlled from the outside. It remains to be seen whether my preferences would limit me to live life to the fullest. Check back with me again in 30 years.]

~ to be continued ~

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