Astrocenter Report – Part 1

[Continuing with the report, I bold several phrases and sentences with which I strongly identified myself with. On the most part, the report seems to hit it off correctly on one of the philosophical dilemmas that I face and on some of my personal traits. I used to have a relatively “strict” code of behavior, but it has evolved to accept some degree of “flexibility.” I don’t consider that it is inhibiting to live in an imperfect world. On the contrary, I think it is interesting to study the world and try to live in its imperfection. I don’t feel obliged to preserve the ideal because I don’t believe it exists, or hardly ever. I do feel strongly about social injustice, but by no means I’m sensitive to it. Most of the time, something or somebody else brings that realization upon me.]

YOGA has an ideal of which he is only partially conscious, but it has a great influence on his psychology. He is determined to preserve his integrity and purity. Even though he may not be aware of it, he is often preoccupied by this predicament: how can he live in this world and remain true to himself? How can he succeed in life without sacrificing his ideals? It's the eternal philosophical dilemma. YOGA has developed a solution, however; he elaborates a fairly strict code of behavior, and tries to obey it as much as possible. The path that he walks in life is straight and narrow. He yearns for a life that would reflect the ideal he has set for himself, as free as possible from irrational mysteries and human failings. In fact, although he may sometimes seem a bit rigid, a bit lacking in perspective, it is because his mind understands the macrocosm through the microcosm, and he must observe the completed system before he will form his opinion.

He is especially good at sorting and choosing, because his mind is like a filter. It rejects the impurities and only accepts the pure and useful. Analysis, deductive reasoning, and a sense of experimentation are YOGA's qualities. He has a great meticulousness and precision which make him a quick and efficient worker. However, he may rely too strongly on his analytical faculties, to the detriment of an overall perception of reality. YOGA likes purity and therefore justice. Thus, he is sensitive to human suffering, especially as a result of social injustice, and he will try to remedy the situation according to what he has learned. Once again, the overriding themes of his personality emerge: he wants to preserve an ideal, avoid deterioration, change, adulteration. He is offended by imperfection and tries to find ways to correct it.
~ to be continued ~

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