Astrocenter Report – Part 3

Due to the influence of Virgo rising, YOGA's personality, somewhat tense and withdrawn, is ruled by his reason. His intellectual functions predominate over his emotional or sentimental impulses. His mind, which is analytical and critical, is naturally questioning and skeptical; he has great faith in rational positivism and strives to be pragmatic. Although others generally appreciate his conscientious, scrupulous conduct, his devotion to others and his realism, they criticize his meek behavior and his lack of confidence in himself. Indeed, he is so meticulous that he often "cannot see the forest for the trees" and may fret and worry unnecessarily over tiny details. His emotions puzzle him, and he never gives them free expression. Aware that this inhibition is one of his failings, and has a strong desire for self-transformation. Characteristically, he proceeds to do so by taking some sort of conscious action which he thinks will bring about a change. Since he is very self-centered, he is quite likely to succeed. Once his personal metamorphosis has come about, he should no longer repress his emotional urges. He will have found a better balance between his emotions and his intellect.

[Alright, there’re more bold phrases this time. Let’s see, I do feel somewhat withdrawn sometimes, but I don’t think that it’s due to the influence of Virgo rising. I can explain this through my MBTI assessment later. The ‘lack of confidence’ part is due to the high standards I imposed upon me, more on this with MBTI. Some of my friends can attest to the detail-orientation quirk, but it’s nothing serious. The ‘self-centered’-ness can also be explained through MBTI.

Astrocenter pointed out my self-awareness, and hence, the desire for self-transformation. It’s somewhat cryptic on the description since it can be applicable to, I think, almost anyone. Personally, I think it hits right on since this self-transformation is currently under development in my other blog.]

~ to be continued ~

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