Astrocenter Report – Introduction

[This is an initial posting on assessment on me. Usually, I’m skeptical about Astrological assessment, but strangely, the Astrocenter report hits on many points. I’ll bold several phrases that I strongly identified with, but most of those will come on later since the information is quite long, so I’ll post them in serial order. In a couple of weeks or so, I’ll compare those with some more “scientific” assessments such as MBTI. If you want to check out your Astrocenter report, you can visit their website and get a limited report for free if they still offer them. – Yoga]


This analysis will give you a general understanding of your motivations, strengths, and weaknesses as they relate to your career. It is meant to be used as a tool for reflection to help you better discern your goals and abilities in this area.

This study is based on your astral chart. When you were born, each of the planets in the solar system had a precise position in the zodiac. Your astral chart reflects these positions, and the interpretation of your chart yields information about your signs and astrological houses and their influence on you. This information can enhance your efforts to make important career decisions.

Character and Personality

The following paragraphs concern the study of YOGA's personality, as induced by the positions of the planets and Rising sign. Some of the character traits mentioned may seem completely contradictory and incompatible. This is because the rough-hewn personality is a rarity. Usually, individuals are made up of a subtle orchestration of many different tones or aspects. However, serious introspection or detailed analysis should make it possible to distinguish the opposing or diverging images comprising YOGA's overall character, and perhaps, in time, find the best and most harmonious way to integrate them.
~ to be continued ~

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