A Butterfly Award

A Butterfly Award

Hmm… I just received an award a week ago from none other than Ibnu Akmal, a.k.a. Captain Steve. Well, thanks for the award, though I wonder, is my blog really the coolest blog you ever know? Hee.. hee… Well, let’s see, this Butterfly Award is a meme. Therefore, I need to pass it on to…

The 100th Posting

Unbeknown to me, my postings in this blog have reached 100th. A bit lame if you asked me. The blog has been around since 2004 and I only manage to get 100 postings. It could have been more (though I can always resort to the 2006 debacle of being an MT and only had time…


Last day on the job before a long weekend of Eid. I’ve noticed that many blogs regarding workplace and investment stuff put their disclaimer on. To follow the best practices, I’ve put mine as well.