Pesta Blogger 2008

Syahan’s birthday cake

I am sitting in Arabusta Coffee right now, waiting for my friend. Wi-fi connection works like a charm, and I get to sit near a power socket. I can wait for hours, I guess. Okay, so what did I do today? Well, my nephew, Syahan, just had his first birthday celebration this morning.

Little Syahan with mom and dad

I got to wake up earlier than I usually do on a lovely cozy weekend. I got the task of documenting the party using my brother’s camcorder. Lots of guests came with their kids. We had this party designed and decorated with a theme of Madagascar, coinciding with the movie release earlier this month. Games and magic shows kept the kids entertained, while food stalls (consisting of bakmie ayam, bakso, sate ayam, and sop buah) kept the adults busy. Har har…

Pesta Blogger 08

After lunch, I went to Pesta Blogger and tried to attend to what was left of it. It had started earlier in the morning, and since I couldn’t make it last year, I had to come to this year’s event and see what it was all about. I arrived just shortly before they split the event into parallel discussions. I attended the Mari Jadi Blogger Yang Kreatif! (Let’s Become a Creative Blogger!) with speakers Yoris Sebastian and Raditya Dika. They shared their experience in claiming their identities in the already blog-infested virtual world, building and leveraging their creative energies, successes and failures, and future endeavors (a movie based on Raditya’s blog, Kambing Jantan, is scheduled to be released in 2009).

Attending the blogging expo

After waiting for like an hour for door prizes, I left the scene with empty hands (well, not entirely since I’ve got a goody bag filled with a laptop case, badges, brochures, and other stuff). I walked down the Thamrin lane to Grand Indonesia. Bought a novel at Gramedia (yup, a compilation of blog postings, strangely, of an anonymous writer). Had dinner at Gado-Gado Boplo. And ends up at Arabusta Coffee. Waiting for my friend. It should be any minute now…

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