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Chiliarc Photoshoot

I received an email on 28 September 2019 from Chiliarc which intrigued me a lot:

Next month is Chiliarc’s first-ever fashion shoot. We need your mug as the face of our brand. We bring the camera and clothes, you bring your charisma.

Do you want to volunteer for a half-day photo shoot around our fine city? In return, we will provide you with our all-expense-paid eternal gratitude. You’ll also get some extra Pilot Points for the month.

Respond to me if you want to join the fun.

Adam Siegel

I did something similar in the past, so sure, why not?

Five of the “beta testers” volunteered, so Adam set out that 3 October 2019 to be the shoot day. We met up at the Botanic Garden. But, since we didn’t make a prior arrangement, the Garden security told us off from taking shots at the Garden. We walked by the surrounding area and found the Library of Congress to be a great alternative. Some two hours and many shots later, we wrapped up. Thank you to our photographer, Anisha Zaman.

The results are up on Chiliarc’s Instagram.

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