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Case Competition Consideration

The idea for this article is from a post I made in Carey REIA’s third newsletter, published October 28, 2019.

As the Club’s Vice President of Professional Enrichment, my goal was to provide information on opportunities for our student members to broaden and deepen their study with outside class experiences. As such, I use the newsletter to communicate those opportunities. Off-newsletter, we can get together or use social channels to organize smaller groups for career treks or case competitions, for example.

Members interested in competing for real estate case competitions can consult our list, available here. In my observation, almost all of them will occur in the Spring. As Carey runs on a quarterly basis (two Fall and two Spring “semesters,” each lasting for eight weeks), students should do two cases at most (assuming taking in Spring). Full-time students of the MSREI program will likely have a full-load in each quarter, taking four courses worth a total of eight credits. Consequently, interested participants should put a thought into which competitions to register.

Since the full-time MSREI program lasted only one year, members can practice for competition in the Fall by competing in a non-Real Estate case competition(s), which are plentiful. Those range from general business to finance to sustainability, with transferable interest and skillset to the Real Estate cases. The Office of Experiential Learning keeps a master list of all competitions across Carey’s major programs. You need to contact Nicole Mirra (nmirra@jhu.edu) for access. The Carey Global MBA Association also had recorded a presentation from their members sharing competition experience; see here.

There is a LinkedIn group to find competition partners in Carey, but you can find them yourself, sometimes in the unlikeliest places. I was recruited for a venture capital case by a marketing student I met at a Baltimore bus tour. For a digital asset case, I bumped up with a BARM student I met a semester earlier during the Passport 2019 DC embassy tour, and we assembled the team in a week. I teamed up with my course’s teaching assistant for a real estate case, joined by fellow full-time and part-time real estate students.

I hope members can take advantage of opportunities to enrich their year-long education. I know I did.

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