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Accessing Vimeo

Vimeo is not vital to Earthstreet, as I am no filmmaker, so I have no film portfolio to show. I am here to inform Indonesian that it is possible to access Vimeo on this land. Vimeo has been banned in Indonesia since May 2014; on a controversial move by the Minister of Information and Technology. You get the gist here. I had not known that Vimeo was blocked until I tried to access it for my MOOC course and found the info below on my Path feed:

Yes, Internet speed in Indonesia is one of the slowest, more on the revelation here.

Ach, yes, the idiocy of the bureaucrats. Citizen Lab has written a thorough analysis of the blocking issue here. I do not want Tifatul and his party to hold a chair in the next cabinet. Thus it is pretty obvious who I would not vote on 9 July. I hope his replacement can undo the mess he has created during his undeserved term.

Back on the issue at hand, how to access Vimeo. You can change the DNS on your internet setting to Google’s public DNS. Instruction is provided on the site. I want to thank fellow netizens across different sites who have tipped me to Google. Enjoy your Vimeo, Indonesia.

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