Connecting Dropbox

The next stop is by connecting Dropbox to Earthstreet. I’m not sure if it will expand the space for my website. I guess probably not since anything I put into the Earthstreet Dropbox folder will be published on the Earthstreet website, therefore using the space on the Earthstreet website allocated by Squarespace.

Picture by Unbound

For those of you unfamiliar with Dropbox, I highly recommend their service. Dropbox is one cloud computing service, specifically one dealing with digital storage. I have been using it for quite a while. I install the apps on my home computer, office computer, tablet, smartphone, and myriad other web services including Squarespace which I just did.

The way it works is enabling you to synchronize anything you put into Dropbox across all equipment you use. In my case, it will be synced across all the platforms on which I have installed the Dropbox apps.

In the case of Earthstreet, I guess anything I put and link between my folder and my pages will be published effortlessly. I will try this soon.

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