Hello Squarespace!

I came across Squarespace by accident. I had subscribed to a personal career development mailing list, The Muse, when I received one of their emails almost a month ago with the article, 14 Stunning Ways to Build Your Personal Website This Week. So I read the article along and found several great alternatives to then my WordPress-based website/blog. I narrowed down the list to two providers and fell for Squarespace already.

A week or so passed by, and I received an email from Coursera asking for my vote on the 2014 Webby Awards. Being an avid user of Coursera, I gladly voted for them. When I browsed through other categories, I found that Squarespace had been nominated for the Web Services & Applications category, of which they later won, by the way. I guess it was a sign, and I think I got my gut right that first time. So here I am, writing my first blog post on Squarespace.

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