And I thought I wouldn’t make as much as a whisper during the 3-minute session of an Obake attraction. According to Wikipedia, Obake refers to a state of transformation and is often translated as a ‘ghost.’ Although it is said to be different from the spirits of the dead, it is synonymous with yurei (the ghost of a deceased human being) in its secondary usage.

While there were lots of things going on during the Indonesia-Japan Expo 2008 — which in this case quite a lot for just Rp 10,000 ticket price, it includes Manga exhibition, corporate booths, mini photo studio Yukata, 3D Shinkansen show, Mitsubishi i-MiEV test drive, foreign student panel discussion, Ikebana demonstration, Indie J Band competition, Cosplay competition,  and tons of other things — Obake would be hands down the highlight of the day here.

It was by far held the longest line. We stood up in line for almost 2 hours! All for a 3-minute attraction! But it was worth it. It was fun, and at that time, a scary and startling experience. I jumped up at least twice from my slow walk across the dark labyrinth, where suddenly, from a corner appeared… Obake! Kyaaa..!!

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