Astrocenter Report – Part 11

[Okay, back to Astrocenter. I like it when I can write during lunchtime]

Flexible and adaptable, YOGA feels a need to analyze and interpret the situations he encounters, to learn the reason for his behavior. But since his mind never lingers long, he may sometimes be a little superficial.

YOGA may have been subject to some traumatic experiences in childhood which left a mark on his personality. Perhaps his parents or teachers were overly authoritarian or rigid. If this occurred, he may have closed himself off in self-defense from an environment he found hostile; early in life, he may have developed a thick, tough, adult skin. Regardless of these environmental factors, and aside from what was just said, YOGA has a fairly serious personality. He tends to be cold and at times intransigent. He sometimes refuses to admit he made a mistake. If he feels ashamed, he will immediately lose faith and confidence in himself, taking refuge in such tried-and-true values as conservatism and discipline for discipline's sake. Nevertheless, time is on his side, and gradually he may come closer to the perfection he desires. His life is subject to Saturn's orbit and may be segmented into significant seven-year periods.

[Yup, that’s me, flexible and adaptable. Not so much overtly analytical, but people who haven’t known me tend to view me as such. Heck, I even analyze this Astrocenter Report on myself!

Yes, there were traumatic experiences in my childhood that I think may explain some of my behaviors and attitude. I considered myself a reserved and guarded individual, especially when entering a new environment. At times I could be stubborn by refusing to admit my mistake. I had realized this when a friend of mine pointed it out to me, so I have tried to make conscious attempts, ever since, to recognize whenever I did that and evaluate my mistakes.

True on the sentence – looking for perfection – though I am not as perfectionist as I used to be, which is good. I don’t understand the meaning of the seven-year life cycle. So far, I would have lived through almost four of such cycles. Maybe I need to wait for more time before I can grasp what it tries to say.]

~ to be continued ~

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