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[spoiler] Living Single

I just finished reading a new novel, Living Single. I knew about it through a book launching ad posted on one of the mailing lists I registered for. It’s a story about a young executive lady who works in an advertising agency. She longs for a relationship of her own but eventually accepts her situation of being single. Honestly, fiction is not my favorite genre, especially chick lit. I picked it up at Kinokuniya because I was curious about a story that made ‘living single’ its central theme, particularly against the backdrop of living in Jakarta.

This novel is the second book I have read regarding living single. The other one is more spiritually-based. Curious? Well, it has come to my mind that such a situation might very well occur to me. Having been single for eight years, I don’t see myself in a relationship anytime soon, perhaps going forward. Why, you asked? Well, I do have my reasons, although I also keep looking for rationale in the writings and experiences of others.

As for the novel itself, it’s chick-lit, so don’t expect too much on the literary side. It is the writer’s first project, based on his friends’ live experience in the advertising industry. I also did a quick search on Amazon, and it seems that a lot of this living single type of story takes a female as its main character, not unlike the Sex in the City series. I guess the stigma is still there.

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