Independence Day Ceremony

Yes, my colleagues and I went to work today, despite the holiday status of Independence Day. Well, it wasn’t really a workday. We went in because of the independence day ceremony. This is due to our company status as a state-owned corporation. Other private houses would let their employees sleep the weekend off and reduce their sleep deprivation instead.

The ceremony was just that, ceremonial. After being absent from attending one for seven years, my last such ceremony was last year. To be honest, I didn’t really know if the ceremony had achieved what it was purposed for, to remind us of the country’s struggle to gain our independence and fire up our patriotic ideology. It felt rigid, formal, and insubstantial. We just stand there, listen to the speech, listen to the song, etc. Sure, it was fun afterward with all the games and brunch together. But have we really been independent? Gee, we never really thought about it, have we? Please read this article and decide for yourself.

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