Signing Up at YMCA

The fasting month is over. Summer is coming. Received both vaccines. The economy and the state are reopening.

I think “new year resolution” can start now, as I am signing up for a YMCA membership. The Blaisdell Y is close by, about ten minutes walk. They have 20+ facilities between the Twin Cities and I am allowed to use any of them with my membership. Plus, I can get part of my dues back from my health insurance if I work out at least 12x in a month. I choose month-to-month membership for the obvious reason that I am a “nomad” at this point.

South Entrance West
YMCA Blaisdell, Minneapolis

I am recording my metric here to keep me motivated. I used to be able to measure more than just weight but I will keep one stat only for now.

In 2010, I was 177 lbs, not my heaviest but close. Just a mere 3 lbs away from it. I know that weight alone can misleading, but for comparison, my muscle mass was 132 lbs (I can measure that since I had a different digital scale back then). Fast forward to 2014 plus diet and exercise regimen, the weight came down to 167 lbs (which had been my most stable) with a muscle mass of 130 lbs. It seemed that I can only gain and lose weight so much and gaining muscle is just not in my DNA, though I could get away with form-fitting clothes.

Fast forward present day, my weight is 158 lbs, slightly more than my lower point last year, 155 lbs. Student life and living single kind of having that effect on me (and yes, undergraduate life got me into my lowest weight of 152 lbs). Too bad I won’t be able to measure muscle mass, but I’m optimistic.

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