Climate Reality Corps Leadership US Virtual Training 2021

Last month, I got the privilege of attending Climate Reality Corps Leadership US Virtual Training. This second time, I attended as a mentor. It wasn’t too long ago that I attended my first training (as a mentee) in August 2020. How did I get involved as a Climate Reality Leader?

Well, I had been aware of environmental issues since high school, but it was Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, which shocked me in college. Since then, I have built my career in the capital market and only connected to environmental organizations as a patron.

I enrolled for Climate Reality Project virtual training in August 2020. After meeting such a diverse group of committed climate activists, I was hooked on the Climate Reality Leadership Corps’ mission and its ability to connect so many people under one common goal.

Since my training, I have learned on my own about diverse climate change issues, including reporting standards, smart cities, regenerative farming, slow fashion movement, community solar power, climate tech, and environmental justice. Climate Reality Project gave me a platform for active involvement in promoting climate awareness to the public.

As a mentor at the training, I was tasked to lead small group discussions after their online lecture attendance. There were four lectures administered during two weekends (there were also weekday sessions, but mine was weekend). I even got to participate in asking guest scientists in the lecture.

Climate Reality Project training Q&A with scientists

How do we develop better clean energy practices? And how do we make sure that they are available worldwide?

The question was prompted by group #274. Dr. Cobb responded, and I am summarizing, that the technologies for clean energy practices are here already, and they make economic sense. Hence, it depends on the Government globally to weave them into their policy. Dr. Pellow added that such policy should be mindful of environmental justice impact. Their implementation must not repeat the environmental injustice experienced through many fossil-fuel energy practices of the past.

Our group #95 bonded well, and we planned to check up periodically for the following year. The training participants include 300+ mentors and 5000+ mentees. I plan to participate again as a mentor for the October 2021 Global Training. Sign up for the next training information here!

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