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The Multipotentiality of Me

I stumbled upon a TED talk the other day, and it resonates with me all too well.

An award-winning author, Emilie Wapnick, presented her talk on “multipotentialite.” Put it simply, a multipotentialite is someone with many interests and creative pursuits.

Maybe it will be clearer if she explains it directly.

I always have difficulty focusing on one thing, ending up working on several different things. That includes writing for earthstreet. As such, I finally found its theme, the theme of me, the multipotentiality of Yoga Prakasa. I’ll make it this site’s theme then, mirroring the state of my real life.

I did Wapnick’s quiz on her website. I came out as a “mixed-style” multipotentialite, somewhere in between a “simultaneous style (a million projects on the go at once)” and a “sequential style (usually keeping to one or two main endeavors at once).”

It says I am happiest when I “have a few different projects on my plate at any given time” but can still “get overwhelmed when I have too much.” So sometimes, I “go through periods where I am juggling a bunch of different projects,” and other times, I am “deeply invested in a single thing.”

Sounded like me alright!

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