Earth Hour 2009

Yesterday night, my friend and I observed the 2009 Earth Hour, from 20:30 till 21:30, Jakarta’s time. Along with us, 83 countries the world over were participating, turning off lights for an hour to raise awareness of global warming.

In Jakarta, the local government committed to turning off the lights in 5 of the city’s icons: the City Hall, the National Monument, the fountain of Arjuna Wiwaha, the Youth Statue at Senayan, and the Welcoming Monument at Hotel Indonesia roundabout. I suppose you can guess where I was from the video?

Field observation from Bundaran HI during Earth Hour 2009

And this is the scenery when all the lights were turned on again:

Bundaran HI regains its lights

I know some of you out there questioning the purpose of such an event and if it could really curb climate change. Well, directly? It’s not nearly enough.

The event was held to raise awareness for the public at large of efforts that can be done to stop global warming and to raise their curiosity about climate change, its dangers, and measures to be taken to save the planet.

For the act was so simple, yet done en masse, it would put a dent in the amount of carbon emitted in one day. Imagine the possibility of more complex, concerted, and conscious efforts could have been done?

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