Twitter Badge

I found this neat Twitter widget that allows me to link my tweets (yes, that’s a new word thanks to Twitter, meaning my posts on Twitter) to my blog here in Blogspot. First, I tried to put it on the sidebar, just as recommended. But, it is likely to be missed if it was on the side, and it can lengthen the page for an individual blog post, making a wasted layout.

So, I decided to put it on the top. Yes, it will show on the individual blog post as well. However, it won’t mess out with the layout, plus individual blog post readers will be aware of the tweets. It didn’t take long for the whole process. And the colors can be adjusted to Blogger’s easily.

I also linked my tweets to my Facebook. Since I don’t want to flood my Facebook status with my tweets, I put the badge on Facebook’s Boxes tab. Because I think those that want to be inundated by my tweets will follow me instead of being “pushed” by Facebook’s status. I put it on the Boxes tab so just people will know of its existence.

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