Astrocenter Report – Part 14

[For some reason, Astrocenter assessment on my professional aspirations is a bit off. I wonder why (duh).]

Early in life, in his social and familial setting, YOGA probably learned the value of being financially independent and self-sufficient. In declaring his financial independence, he may have criticized and challenged his family's relationship to wealth and material things. Perhaps he took issue with the way he had been taught to think about and use money, and with his family's treatment of material things, in general. Since then, YOGA has viewed money merely as a means to achieve his ultimate end, true freedom and independence. To him, wealth will never be an end in and of itself. He often takes risks, and nonchalantly makes or loses large sums of money without showing any special concern for the future.

YOGA must deal with his tendency to manipulate others into allowing him to use their work for his own financial or material profit.

YOGA feels a need to make wealth acquired by association prosper.

[Astrocenter seems to make the impression as if my family was money-oriented, and later on, I’d become overtly risk-taking as if to distance myself from what my family had believed in. Yeah, whatever. I think financial independence, or independence in general for that matter, is essential to me. Furthermore, I’d most likely differ from my family in the way of building and managing wealth. I haven’t yet seen myself as an entrepreneur. Plus, I’d be inclined to use finance theory in my practical life, or like Astrocenter says, “to make the wealth prosper.” Ha!] 

~ to be continued ~

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