Refreshed (?)

It’s been a week since I had my three-day-long hiatus post-Eid celebration. It’s been a while since I went out of town, much less for a vacation. I think three days were not enough. It should’ve been at least five days. But that’s what I have, and I better make use of them while they’re last.

I may not be unfamiliar with the flower city, but I’ve never experienced it as I did a week ago. It was refreshing, adventurous, romantic, and delicious all at the same time. Relaxing? not really, but it was quite an adventure, bringing back that sense of exploration dulled by the daily mundane of office work.

So, had I had enough of it? Course not! I’ve gone through this week sluggishly, just like the stock market did. I hope I’ve made use of this weekend well to compensate for the time-off deficit. And gradually set off my gear for that Excel model again.  

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