Astrocenter Report – Part 13

[Shifting to career and wealth, I suppose.]

Material Assets and Resources:

YOGA seeks work which will engage his passions, and which makes use of his talent for exploring the hidden side of individuals or social relationships.

Friends could be an important factor in YOGA's financial success.

YOGA invests a great deal of energy in his work in order to provide for his needs. He tends to watch his financial assets and resources closely, because he tends to be something of a spendthrift, and has been known to run short before the next paycheck arrives. When he is in straitened circumstances, it is usually because he squandered his money, or invested in unwisely, under the influence of more or less irrational and reckless impulses. He will have to adopt a more cautious and reasonable attitude towards money if he does not want to be broke on a regular basis.

[For some reason, I feel it’s a bit generic this time. Seeking work that will engage one’s passion is ideal for many people. I always think of a job where I would wake up in the morning feeling energized just thinking of the work I’d be doing that day. Not there yet, close though. As for the talent of exploring the hidden side of relationships… Nah, not me.

Friends are essential to one’s financial success. Well, no man is an island. Whether it correlates with a tarot reader who foresaw my entrepreneurial path is yet to be confirmed. If I’m about to meddle with a start-up business, it’ll take a partner or two.

It tends to watch financial assets closely… hmm.., I suppose the report does not consider me working in a financial service industry. There were circumstances where I ran short before my next paycheck, but I’ve learned better.]

~ to be continued ~

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