Lovesick or Lovestruck?

A couple of my co-workers have noticed something out of the ordinary about me in the past week. They’ve characterized me as being lovesick or lovestruck. According to Urban Dictionary:

So deeply affected by love as to be unable to act normally. You awake every morning, thinking on your love, having dreamt of them all night, the pain of separation searing your heart every time a site or smell brings back the memory of your last encounter. Daydreaming, drawing hearts in the sand, constantly thinking, “I wish they were here so I could share this moment”, even when pulling weeds or walking the dog. The consuming fire within the heart for even one more moment with one’s love that defies rational thought, knowing full well, one moment would never be enough, yearning for eternity together.

Like struck with a lightening bolt. The second that you see and meet the person, you are instantly in love. Head over heels, can’t stop thinking about them, want to be with them, hold them, hug them, and be held and hugged and loved by them in return.

Which one characterizes me the best? Well, you can observe me for the next several days and weeks, hopefully, and decide for yourself.

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