Washington DC – Day 35 (June 27, 2005): Moving Day

Today was the moving day to the new apartment for me. Salman would join me later on Thursday, the 30th. I moved earlier than planned because Salman’s cousin, Imran, came to DC this week. He would continue his internship from Pennsylvania for the remaining two weeks. It’s quite a long story, though, but he finally came, so I had to move earlier to make room for him in Salman’s old apartment.

The tenant from the new apartment was still living there until July 1st. He was Salman’s high school buddy, Chris. I met Chris several times before my move-in day, but we didn’t know each other aside from knowing Salman at some point, so it was pretty awkward. But we managed.

I didn’t have a lot of stuff, so it was pretty quick. I only need one trip. Let us review again: two pieces of luggage (big and heavy), one duffel bag, one folio bag, one messenger bag (yeah, an addition from the original trip), several loose items, a pillow, and a blanket. I knew these would grow with the addition of Dita’s stuff (another story for this), things I bought here or online (hey, you gotta read something?), and trinkets. I am not looking forward to my trip back to St. Louis carrying all this stuff, so I might send some of them earlier. We’ll see.

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