Washington DC – Day 42 (July 4, 2005)

It was the Independence Day! (America’s, for that matter). Though it was supposed to be a federal holiday, I got a phone call from Salman that morning (he was coming home that weekend to Charleston, West Virginia) telling me that the cable guy would be coming soon. I thought it was a bit odd for them to go during a holiday to install a cable connection, but apparently, July 4th doesn’t bring the same “red-date” status like December 25th.

Whatever, I guessed we could use the cable for internet and TVs after being bored for… seven days? True enough, we got broadband internet and cable channels an hour later. Salman’s cousin, Imran, who stayed with us for the moment, had left downtown with his friends, and I was still hooked to the computer. The DVR (digital video recorder for the cable) hadn’t got into me just yet. I was still going through my addiction to Civilization 3, and in about two weeks, it would change.

You’d think that DC would be the place to see some July 4th fireworks, right? Well, I got to downtown too late, and I missed them! Boohoo hoo hoo… I got glued to Civilization 3 and didn’t plan for enough time to get downtown. Oh well, the more reason to come back here in the future…

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