Washington DC – Day 70

Oookay, it’s the 70th day of my summer stay in Washington DC. Where are the other 69? well, I just decided to write about them today, so some (but not all) of them will be written soon, including future days. Anyway, I wrote this from my roommate’s computer, so I still haven’t got access to my computer. I’m waiting for my wireless access point sent from St. Louis several days ago.

Alright, enough rambling. I admit that I haven’t kept any of my blogs updated up to this point. So, this will be the first entry after roughly 2-3 months of hiatus. I’ve been quite busy with my jobs for the past month. Yup, you heard it right. I am gainfully employed again. Details will follow.

My stay in Washington DC has been a blast. Technically, I work in DC, but I’m not staying there. I share a 1-bedroom apartment with my friend from college, Salman Malik, in Alexandria, Virginia. It’s across the Potomac River and about 10 miles away from downtown DC. Salman and I just moved to this apartment about a month ago, after sharing a studio in West Falls Church. We didn’t initially come up with the idea, but since we got along pretty well, we decided to be roommates.

Hmm… I guess that was enough writing for today. I will continue again tomorrow.

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